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Freight Shipping To New Zealand

Shipping to New Zealand

If you are planning to move to New Zealand or planning to send commercial cargo to new Zealand. We offer a weekly container shipping services to NZ from all major cities in Australia. We handle from small packages to container load shipments to New Zealand.

Sea freight to New Zealand

As specialised and highly professional company, we offer our clients the best possible solutions when it comes to using our services. As freight forwarders to NZ, we stand ready to offer you the best prices available for the container shipping to New Zealand service that your company requires for its international needs. We offer FCL (Full Container Loads) or less than container load shipments for pallet loads etc.your cargo to New Zealand.

Also, we have regular car shipping, motorbike shipping, caravan and motorhome shipping service to New Zealand.

Personal effects shipping to new Zealand

We make moving to New zealand to hassle free with our personal effects shipping service. We can handle few furniture items or items from a full house. Cargo Australia is one of the fastest growing Australian companies in the freight forwarding market and because of that, we offer cheap to offer highly professional shipping services. With Cargo Australia, shipping personal effects to NZ has never been easier and simpler. Our shipping services are based on providing safe and quality freight to and from NZ.

Machinery and Heavy equipment shipping service.

We pick and pack machinery and heavy equipment on behalf of New Zealand customers. From Mining equipment to construction equipment just to name a few.

Online purchases :

We ship all types of online purchases such as Ebay, Amazon Australia, ikea kitchens to customers all over the world in including NZ.

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