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ATA Carnet

ATA Carnet

The ATA Carnet is an international customs document that permits the tax-free and duty-free temporary export and import of non-perishable goods for up to one year

The benefits of using an ATA carnet are that no duty/tax is payable or security/deposit is required for the imported goods

Carnet is Acceptance in over 65 different countries and territories. There may be some limitations in some countries. The following items can be shipped at Carnet:

Goods for trade fair or exhibition goods. Samples and goods for demonstration (sample collections). Professional equipment such as: Equipment for use in conferences and the like, radio and TV equipment, musical instruments, film equipment, tools for use in the assembly, testing or repair of machines, equipment for use by doctors, archaeologists, zoologists and vehicles specially designed for one of the above areas, for example, rolling workshops or laboratories. Construction equipment and tools and other equipment for building, maintenance or repair of buildings are NOT covered by the carnet scheme.

If you are traveling to New Zealand from Australia on holiday, carnet is available when shipping a car, Motorhome, motorbike, caravan, Rv’s, etc. We can guide you on how to obtain a carnet permit here in Australia. We have a regular roll on roll off shipping service from Australia to NZ and therefore we will keep your shipping costs low.

Caravan, Motorhome relocation service

Cargo Australia offers a low-cost Caravan, Motorhome relocation service to New Zealand and over 100 destinations around the world. Whether you are importing a caravan, car, motorhome or motorbike without a carnet permit then, contact us for further details.

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