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Car Shipping

International car shipping Australia

Cargo Australia provides a range of forwarding services and one of the popular services involves international car shipping services to and from Australia. We assist individuals moving overseas permanently, travellers shipping cars under carnet or individuals importing vehicles to Australia.

In the past we have shipped premium and luxury vehicles of different brands to Middle East and many parts of the world. We have regular car shipping services from Australia.

Shipping Caravans

We receive lot of inquiries from holidaymakers around the world interested in shipping their own caravans to and from Australia. At cargo Australia, we assure you to handle your caravans with care. We are one of the leaders in shipping caravans to NZ and many parts of the world.

Motorhome shipping Company

We ensure professional loading and unloading of your motorhomes. In the past we have shipped motorhomes to New Zealand, India and several other countries. If you are seeking for a motorhome shipping company then, Cargo Australia should be your first Choice.

Roll on Roll off car shipping

Roll on roll off car shipping is suitable for all types of Automobiles, trucks, semi trailers and other vehicles. We always make sure vehicles are securely blocked; braced and tied down ensuring vehicles are secured in transit. This a simple and economical method of shipping your vehicles from Australia.

Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to advise you with the most suitable method to ship your vehicle overseas.

International Auto shipping to Australia

If you wish to import a vehicle to Australia you must obtain import approval prior to importing the vehicle to Australia. There are regular shipments to Australia from USA, UK, Japan and other parts of the world. There are several categories, which you may obtain the permit.

International auto shipping from USA to Australia is our largest market but we also assist customers in other countries to bring their vehicles. Marine transit insurance is available for your protection available against loss or damage to vehicles.

Pls contact us with your vehicle details such as Brand name, year of manufacture, dimensions (L) x (W) x (H) in cm’s and we will arrange an online car shipping quote for you.

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