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Freight Shipping Africa

 Shipping container to Africa

Shipping to Africa

When shipping a container to Africa Cargo Australia is your number one choice leading international shipping companies to and from Africa and we have now expanded our operations, previously untapped African locations.

If you are moving to Africa or doing business with African countries and wish to how much does it cost to ship a container overseas to any destination from Australia then,  Contact us. We will guide you with simple and accurate information together with the lowest freight rates in the market.

We have a regular shipping container service to Africa from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth. Cost to send a container to Africa or to any destination depends on many factors. Therefore, we will always provide you clear guidance with regards to any shipment.

If you do not have items to fill a 20’ container then, we offer a low cost shared container shipping service to over 250 destinations around the world.

When shipping cars to  Africa from Australia, We handle freight to all major seaports such as Cape Town, Port of Durban, East London, Port Elizabeth. We offer the lowest sea freight rates to any destination around the world for personal belongings, commercial freight, car shipping, trucks, motorbikes to Africa. We also source cars, trucks, agriculture machinery from Japan and ship direct from Japan to any destination in Africa. Contact us for more details.

We also offer a regular RORO shipping service to many destinations around the world including Africa. Our roro port includes Mombasa (Kenya), Durban (South Africa), Maputo & Beira (Mozambique), etc. For landlocked countries such as Zimbabwe, we handle cargo Via Mozambique or Via Durban.

Any sort of out of gauge cargo can be shipped by RoRo. The vessels have stern ramp capacities of up 375T and hatch heights of up to 6.5m so this allows loading of all manner of high and heavy cargo. Decks in most RoRo ships are adjustable allowing for high cargo to be safely stowed. Therefore, if you require to ship oversized cargo then, pls. contact us for more details.

Air Freight Australia

Airfreight defines the transportation of goods by aircraft. Airfreight is often more expensive than any other mode of transportation. Some shippers still prefer to use Airfreight due to the speed and also the reliability.

Here at Cargo Australia, We offer a fast, reliable airfreight service to Africa via major trade hubs such as Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Malaysia.

We offer a low-cost excess baggage service to Africa. If you exceed the carry on baggage allowance then, Cargo Australia offers a low-cost excess baggage service to Africa.

Also, we handle commercial cargo such as urgent machinery parts, Mining equipment spare parts, Automotive, Aviation, High Tech, Pharmaceutical and health care, food items and regular air freight to Uganda, Sierra Leone, Ghana, South Sudan, Ethiopia, Côte d’Ivoire, Djibouti, Senegal, Tanzania, and Liberia.Customs clearance

We also handle customs clearance for all inbound cargo from all major sea and airports in Australia. Cargo Australia always fulfills the trust of the clients through timely service with extraordinary quality.Vehicle and Motorbike packing

We offer affordable and secure vehicle packing service for motorbikes, Cars, Boats etc. Contact us for more details.

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