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Freight Shipping to Belarus

Shipping to Belarus

Belarus is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe. Cargo Australia is one of the leading freight forwarding companies to Belarus. Our high-quality staff provides a complex of services, providing international freight forwarding by air, sea, and rail.

We have helped importers and exporters of Telecommunication parts and pharma products, including Veterinary products, measuring instruments, Furniture, mattresses, fertilizer, and oversized cargo.

We offer:

Air freight

When time is crucial for your cargo, our airfreight services are your best option, as we have regular airfreight services to Belarus from all major capital cities in Australia. We handle from excess baggage to large and oversized cargo.

International container shipping

20’ & 40’ Containers- We offer container shipping to Belarus via Klaipeda in Lithuania or Riga in Latvia and inland haulage of sea containers handled by experienced sea container haulage companies. Transit time usually 1 or 2 days (Subject to border clearances).

Standard procedure:

  • Sea containers will be delivered to a terminal appointed by the consignee for further customs clearance in Belarus
  • After the freight is cleared, the container will be trucked to the consignee’s warehouse for of-loading
  • Your sea freight will be delivered or picked up from the main cities of Belarus: Minsk, Gomel, Grodno, Mogilev, Brest, Bobruysk, Vitebsk or any other inland location

Our cargo services cover the Baltics (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia), Russia, Belarus and Ukraine we provide most cost-efficient and easy solutions to most complicated and unusual transport requirements

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Shipping to Belarus from Australia offers a reliable and efficient way to connect continents, facilitating trade and fostering international partnerships.