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Freight Shipping to Bhutan

Freight shipping to Bhutan

As Bhutan is a landlocked country, Air freight, and land transportation is the dominant mode of transportation for freight. Cargo Australia, We handle air freight and container shipping to Bhutan via India. We can offer a range of services under one roof and with a view to offering a one-stop solution for fulfilling the needs of the Australians.

Sea Freight & Road freight to Bhutan 

Cargo Australia offers container shipping service to Bhutan Via India. Because of the mountain terrain, roads tend to have steep drop-offs and curves. Therefore, the max. gross weight limits apply. There are three borders with India that are open for freight. Phuentsholing border is the most preferred way to enter Bhutan.

Air freight to Bhutan

The most common way of sending cargo to Bhutan is by air. We handle personal effects such as excess baggage and commercial cargo from all major cities in Australia to Thimphu Bhutan. We offer the lowest airfreight rates to Bhutan

We work in close association with our network of overseas counterparts and can handle Customer’s Cargo to & from any destination in the world. Whether it is direct flights with reserved cargo capacity and constant supervision, regularly consolidated air-cargo departures, or special projects. We can meet any kind of requirement regarding any cargo to this region.

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