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Shipping to Cambodia

Shipping to Cambodia from Australia

When shipping to Cambodia from Australia, we have over 15 years of experience and are one of the leading freight companies that provides the most reliable, efficient and on-demand services for international trade actions to and from Australia. We specialize in shipping goods to Cambodia by sea and air.

Our services include:

  • Personal effects shipping to Cambodia
  • Commercial cargo to and from any seaport and airport in Australia
  • Excess baggage
  • Motorbikes
  • Car/Caravan
  • Earth-moving equipment – Ship from Australia to Cambodia
  • Amazon/eBay international shippers – Ecommerce
  • Courier – DHL / Fedex


Our specialist freight services also include International machinery shipping!

Looking for Amazon international shippers for your products? We offer a regular Amazon shipping to Cambodia service.

Shipping services from Australia:

  • Export Packing ( Bubble wrap ) and palletizing
  • Excess baggage service for Cambodian citizens returning home / Sender assistance
  • Import Assistance
  • Marine transit insurance
  • Handle all Customs clearance and formalities in Cambodia
  • Whole and part-load sea freight services with weekly departures to Cambodia
  • Picking up goods from anywhere in Sydney (Kingsford Smith), Melbourne (Vic), Brisbane, Canberra, Perth ( Fremantle), Darwin, or any other major cities in Australia
  • Airfreight services from Australia to Cambodia
  • Parcel delivery and air cargo delivery services
  • Sea or air Freight solutions

In today’s fast-paced world, the need to ship items quickly and securely is more crucial than ever, whether you are an individual who is shipping goods to Cambodia or sending an urgent package to a loved one for the first time or a business owner looking for the best shipping options.

Before you finalize your shipment, estimate costs and delivery times for shared container shippers, and then consider using our volume calculator. This tool allows you to calculate the final volume.

When you need to ship something urgently, explore our express shipping services. These services often come with faster delivery times, ensuring your package reaches your destination quickly. You may need to pay customs duty for the shipping service. Therefore, it is paramount to find out before you ship the goods.

If you’re unsure about the best shipping option, consider contacting Cargo Australia’s customer service via email. We can always check with our affiliate in Cambodia and can provide you with valuable insights to assist you in making an informed decision when shipping cargo to Cambodia.

To ensure a smooth and reliable delivery process, contact Cargo Australia Pty. Ltd today to find the best shipping solution to meet your urgent needs and save on shipping costs.


Sea freight or ocean freight is the primary shipping method. We offer a weekly LCL shipping (partial container shipping) and FCL shipping (Full Container shipping) service from all major seaports in Australia. We can arrange 20’ and 40’ Containers when shipping to Cambodia from Australia. We handle containers to Sihanoukville and all major seaports in Asia.

Air freight to Cambodia

We offer an affordable airfreight service to Cambodia coupled with the best rates and step-by-step tracking for commercial cargo and personal effects shipping.

Want to send a parcel from Australia to Cambodia? We offer a door-to-door service to Cambodia for small packages. As a shipping agent in Cambodia, we work with major courier companies and can deliver fast and reliable service to Phnom Penh.

Amazon/eBay and other Auction shipping services

Want to buy Australian products, equipment, motorbikes, machinery, and other merchandise from eBay, Amazon, and Online Auctions and ship to Cambodia? Save on international shipping costs and get your purchases fast with Cargo Australia Pty. Ltd. We offer a cheap shipping service to Cambodia for all international Amazon and e-commerce shipping. We offer low shipping rates from Australia to Cambodia and fast shipping.

To send a parcel to Cambodia, we offer a simple shipping process and the fastest delivery. We provide prominent service providers to the region.

Car and  Motorcycle Shipping to Cambodia

Looking for a service for motorbike, car or caravan shipping to Cambodia? With the most prominent car delivery network in Cambodia, we provide the most reliable and cheap car shipping to Cambodia.

If you are travelling to Cambodia and planning to take your motorbike with you or buy a motorbike online, Cargo Australia offers motorbike shipping to Cambodia with efficiency and professionalism! We ship motorbikes, minibrikes, mopeds, scooters, and sidecars.

Packing your Motorcycle for Shipping

Your motorbike will be blocked and braced professionally inside the shipping crate in our Sydney facility. If you are a traveller, there is always space for a helmet, leather and some personal effects.

If you are looking to export your goods at competitive market rates or are looking for answers to your questions about the same

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Advantages of using our company:

  • Competitive rates – Pallet shipping – Container shipping
  • Pickup Services – Within Australia
  • Fast delivery times  – No consignment is too small
  • Luggage and excess baggage logistic service
  • Customs clearance assistance in the destination country
  • Short notice door-to-door shipping service saves your precious time and money, sending it to the destination within a few business days.
  • Sea and air options for shipping

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