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Freight Shipping To Guam

Cargo Australia is one of the most internationally renowned freight forwarding companies since its operations spread far and beyond Australia. If you are moving to Guam and require shipping your household goods to Guam then Contact us first.

Cargo Australia also offers an excess baggage service to Guam from Sydney. Being one of the leading shipping companies to Guam, our rates are much cheaper than the major airlines. We also handle commercial cargo by air to Guam.

If you have documents, parcels or product sample to send to Guam, we offer our express courier service. We will pick up from your door in Australia and deliver it where ever in Guam.

We offer a regular container shipping service to Guam and the Pacific for commercial cargo. As one of the leading freight forwarders Guam, we offer standard 20’ and 40’ containers from all major cities in Australia. Therefore, we have made shipping to Guam a simple process.

The port of Guam is fully equipped to handle all types of cargo. Whether it is containerized or break bulk, we have the capacity to offer you custom made solutions to your need. Email us with your detailed requirement.

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