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Freight Shipping To Hong Kong

International Shipping Hong Kong

As Hong Kong becomes a popular city full of opportunities. Cargo Australia has been assisting importers and exporters to ship their cargo with a smart delivery system with a low-cost price tag. Our reputation as one of the leading Freight Forwarder Hong Kong is underpinned by a highly regarded and transparent freight System.

In the past, we have assisted importers and exporters of telecom equipment and parts, Crustaceans, meat, food / alcoholic beverages, Optical goods, and apparel.

Therefore, if you are shipping to Hong Kong or shipping from Hong Kong, we offer custom-made freight solutions as we are of the leading one-stop shop for the freight company to Hong Kong.

As there are daily flights and regular weekly vessels, International shipping to Hong Kong has never been easier. We offer Air and ocean freight to Hong Kong from just a package to full container load shipments.

If you are an individual or a family moving to Hong Kong, we offer our personal effects shipping service. This is suitable for students returning home or families who wish to take their furniture and other house hold goods. You can send from one box to all your valuables in a shipping container. We also cheap excess baggage shipping service to Hong Kong. Our rates are much cheaper than the major airlines operating to Hong Kong. This Sydney to Hong Kong Freight service is available for passengers who have exceeded the airline baggage allowance.

We also offer packing services for your shipping to HK. We have qualified packers who will pack the items at your place or in warehouse. We also offer short term and long term storage when needed.

If you are planning to send cargo from Hong Kong to Australia then, look no further. We have affiliate Hong Kong shipping company who will be there to assist you. Contact us first. We also arrange customs clearance and door delivery anywhere in Australia.

We also offer an express courier service from Australia to Hong Kong. We arrange door pickups from anywhere in Australia and delivery it to anywhere in Hong Kong. From documents to product samples we handle everything.

We are growing every day. We are the Hong Kong shipping company that understand your freight requirements. Contact us for the lowest freight rates.

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