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Freight Shipping to Malaysia

Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd, Australia’s leading freight forwarder to Malaysia. We have a wide network of reliable partners across Australia to ensure that we provide our Malaysian trade partners with seamless end-to-end logistics services. As there are over 3800 Australian companies trade with Malaysia, of which 300 have a physical presence in Malaysia. We are committed to providing our clients with the best service on a personal level. Cargo Australia Pty. Ltd strongly believes that our shippers are best served when communicated with personally. We will provide you, our customer with accurate, fast, and economical transportation of your cargo all over the world.

Shipping a container from Australia to Malaysia

If you are an Australian company doing business with Malaysia, Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd offers a weekly service from All major capital cities when shipping a container to Malaysia. We are the container cargo specialist to Port Kalang and ports in Malaysia and around the world.

We carry out every type of sea freight transportation (FCL or LCL) from Anywhere in Australia to Malaysia.

Out of Guage shipping from Australia to Malaysia

Shipping heavy and outsized cargo from Australia to Malaysia is a challenging procedure that requires skill and expertise. We pick up, pack and ship out of gauge cargo from anywhere in Australia.

can arrange heavy and outsize cargo to be transported with a minimum of effort. Past cargoes include: heavy & outsize cargo logistics solutions

  • Mining Industry equipment | Power generation parts | Aviation Industry related items
  • Construction | Earthmoving machinery | Rock drilling units
  • Boats | Buses | Other marine equipment

Car shipping and Motorbike shipping

We handle personal effects, commercial cargo, car shipping, and motorbike shipping from Australia to Malaysia. We pick up from all auction houses or residential addresses in Australia, pack and ship your vehicles.

Customs clearance in Australia

Whether Importing machinery, household goods, We handle all customs paperwork from all major sea and airports in Australia. We offer a seamless customs clearance process and delivery service to any location in Australia. Let us and our experience work for you with customs clearance procedures.

Whether you are shipping pallet or Heavy machinery / Oversized cargo then, we offer the cheapest shipping rates from Australia to Malaysia.


Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd, syarikat penghantaran barang terkemuka Australia ke Malaysia. Kami mempunyai rangkaian rakan kongsi yang boleh dipercayai di seluruh Australia yang tidak pasti bahawa kami menyediakan perkhidmatan logistik yang lancar dan berterusan kepada rakan dagang Malaysia kami. Oleh kerana terdapat lebih dari 3800 syarikat Australia berdagang dengan Malaysia, 300 daripadanya mempunyai fizikal di Malaysia. Kami komited untuk memberikan perkhidmatan terbaik kepada pelanggan kami pada tahap peribadi. Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd sangat percaya bahawa pengirim kami dilayan dengan baik ketika berkomunikasi secara peribadi. Kami akan memberi anda, pelanggan kami pengangkutan kargo anda dengan tepat, pantas dan ekonomik ke seluruh dunia

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