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Freight Shipping To Nepal

Nepal is a land locked state located in South Asia. We have a proven track record as a reliable service provider of International freight services to Nepal with the ability to provide quick transit time, especially for cargo to and from Nepal. As Nepal is a land locked country, we offer air freight forwarding from Sydney to Tribhuvan airport and container shipping Via India

Air freight Australia to Nepal

With existing network capabilities coupled with a team of professionals, we offer a regular air cargo to Nepal service from Sydney. We specialize in:

  1. Household goods shipping to Nepal
  2. Excess baggage to Nepal
  3. Commercial freight to Nepal

Household goods shipping to Nepal

If you are moving to Nepal, we can safely deliver your belonging. Personal effects shipping to Nepal go by air, sea or land depending on your budget and how quickly you want your things.

In addition to freight forwarding services we also provide a professional packing service, secure storage and insurance if required.

Sydney to Nepal Freight

If you travelling to Nepal for trekking or just visiting we have our Sydney to Nepal Freight service & you will save over 50% of your excess baggage cost. We offer the cheapest air freight rates from Australia to Over 150 destinations around the world, including Kathmandu.

Courier to Nepal

If you are sending a parcel to Nepal or a document, we offer a low cost, fast and efficient service from anywhere in Australia to Nepal. Contact us for details.

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