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Freight Shipping to Nigeria

Shipping to Nigeria

If you are looking to ship cargo to Nigeria, then you will want to know all about the shipping options available. Many people have turned away from shipping to Nigeria and other African nations due to the cost of shipping. The cost of shipping this way can easily mount up to several thousand dollars.

When it comes to shipping to Africa, Cargo Australia Pty Ltd is one of the leading freight companies in Australia. We offer:

  • Container shipping
  • Airfreight
  • Out of gauge shipping

Shipping a container to Nigeria from Australia

Seaports are coastal ports found along the coastline of Africa, where ocean-going vessels, mostly commercial vessels bring in goods from elsewhere in the world to Port Harcourt, the main port in Nigeria and the gateway to the capital Lagos.

As there is a steady flow of international commercial vessels to the main port, We offer a regular service to Port Harcourt Nigeria from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Fremantle, and other major ports in Australia.

We have managed to offer low-cost sea freight to Africa covering over 50 nations.

Air freight to Nigeria

Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd is an air freight forwarding company in Sydney Australia that offers regular air freight services, courier, and oversized cargo to Nigeria and other African countries. We keep the freight cost low, professional freight services and  regular flights to Murtala Muhammad international airport and can handle personal effects and commercial cargo

Car shipping to Africa

There are many options available for car transport to Africa. We can arrange vehicles packed in shipping containers or roll-on roll-off-services, depends on the unloading port.

Its time to ship cargo to Nigeria. Therefore, contact us today

Out of gauge and car shipping to Nigeria

Out of Gauge shipping is the shipping of cargoes/goods in an overweight condition in which the package is more than the maximum allowed weight as stipulated for a particular kind of shipping services.

We handle heavy machinery shipping to Africa from all major seaports in Australia.

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