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Freight Shipping To Palau

Palau, island located in Micronesia approx.. 4-5 hours flying time from Australia. Cargo Australia, the leading freight forwarder to Palau offers sea freight and air freight solutions for Australians planning to move to Palau or companies doing business between Australia and Palau. We provide customers with full container shipping service to Palau and air cargo service from Sydney.

Shipping household goods to Palau is simple. Contact us. We will guide you with all relevant details. We are also a specialist in Shipping large items such as machinery, parts to Palau and around the world.

Cargo Australia offers the cheapest freight shipping service to and from Australia. Sydney to Palau freight service is especially for cargo to Palau from Sydney. Air freight, freezer cargo, Dangerous goods, express courier just name some of the services.

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