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Freight Shipping to Singapore

When shipping to Singapore from Australia, we here at Cargo Australia, make every effort to provide the best possible service and rates when shipping to Singapore. We are one of the fastest-growing international freight forwarders from Australia to Singapore. Our goal is to be the best to provide quick transit times and safest deliveries to our customers. Therefore, freight to Singapore has never been easier as we offer sea and air solutions for your shipment.

Our customer base encompasses a wide range of customers. An individual who wishes to send their excess baggage to Singapore to established Australian companies. Our main point of difference from other freight forwarders is our personal service. Communication is the cornerstone of our customer service, we are firm believers in keeping our clients informed every step of the way. The other point of difference to our principles is our commitment to ‘following through’. We don’t just accept that a job is completed when it is dispatched, we go one step further to confirm that it has been delivered. Whether you are shipping boxes to Singapore, an LCL shipment, or container shipping to Singapore or anywhere in the world we offer the cheapest shipping rates.

an FCL shipment to Singapore or anywhere in the world we keep our customers informed all the way.

Sea Freight to Singapore

At Cargo Australia, our professional sales department uses an advanced information system to ensure that your LCL or FCL shipment gets to Singapore on time. We use Sea freight to the Singapore method mainly when shipping furniture, Machinery, or bulky items. For individuals moving to Singapore, we offer a self-pack moving container service from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, and Adelaide. If you are looking for international movers to send your personal belongings to Singapore or anywhere overseas then, contact us for a quote.

For bulky and heavy cargo, sea freight is the cheapest shipping option from Australia to Singapore. We will match or beat any given quote. We also handle the shipping to Malaysia and also other neighboring countries.

With an inland service network that connects seamlessly with our ocean vessels, we can pick up your goods from your production site anywhere in Australia and deliver them to their final destination in Singapore– wherever in the world that happens to be.


Airfreight to Singapore

There are daily flights to Singapore from all major capital cities and Singapore airlines now fly to and from Canberra on a regular basis. For shipments time is an issue then, we will provide an expedite airfreight service to Singapore and any other country around the world. We handle commercial cargo as well as unaccompanied baggage to and from Australia.

We are operating in many worldwide markets, in many different parts of the world and Singapore is one of our main markets. With the purpose to fully satisfy our client needs, we are creating and organizing shipping to Singapore under the best circumstances possible.

In that order, for your cargo, we are providing shipping services Singapore with the best affordable prices available on the freight forwarding market. Besides the affordable pricing, we guarantee fast, reliable, and on-time shipping.

Freight from Singapore to Australia

All freight imported into Australia from Singapore or any other overseas destination must be cleared through the Australian customs and quarantine.

Depending on the type and value of the goods or products you import, there may be costs involved. These can include clearance fees, customs duty, goods, and services tax (GST) and other taxes.

We arrange customs clearance for all types of goods including motor vehicles. Contact us first before you ship the goods, as you may need special permits to import some items to Australia.

Before you import goods to Australia, it is important that you understand your responsibilities as an importer and the import conditions that may apply to your goods. Complying with these requirements can reduce costly delays.

If you bring commercial cargo or personal effects from Singapore or any other overseas destination we offer a low-cost customs clearance service from all major sea and airports in Australia.

Our other major markets include Sri Lanka, UK,  USA, Korea, Argentina, China, Philippines, Tonga and Lebanon.

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