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Freight Shipping To Zimbabwe

Shipping to Zimbabwe from Australia

Shipping to Zimbabwe from Australia. Then, here is the good news. Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd, We are one of the leading cargo freight services to Zimbabwe and Africa. We make sure that your shipment gets to the intended destination on time and also we will cut downtime but also exorbitant shipping charges.

A good way to make sure that your shipment gets to its intended destination is to employ experienced freight forwarding services like ours.

Our services include:

(1)Sea freight to Zimbabwe or anywhere in Africa for general cargo


(3)Container shipping

(4)Automobile shipping

Sea Freight to Africa

As Zimbabwe is a land-locked country, Container shipping from Zimbabwe is one of the best methods to ship cargo in Australia. This is a shipping service that has been used by shipping companies for years to bring shipments safely to their destinations. We are experts in the  African market and have the knowledge and experience required to transport your goods by sea. We have regular shipments to popular destinations such as Harare, Beitbridge, and  Bulawayo via South Africa and Mozambique.

Automobile shipping to Zimbabwe and Africa

Car shipping and other automobile shipments such as buses, trucks, vans, Earth Moving equipment from Australia to Zimbabwe and other countries in Africa have been made easy with the growth of the Zimbabwe community here in Australia. As international freight forwarders, we handle vehicles from Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Fremantle, Adelaide, Canberra, Adelaide, Darwin, and anywhere in Tasmania.

From departure and arrival through to safe delivery of the vehicle to its ultimate destination, Our professional freight services make the process of shipping a car overseas very accessible and simple for clients. With new borders opening up in Africa, many of the countries along the eastern side of Africa are opening up their land routes to Australia, which makes it easier for car exporters to ship vehicles to these countries.

When you’re considering shipping a car to any of the African countries along the east coast of Africa, the most convenient way is to utilize a shipping service that is based in either Beitbridge or Harare. Beitbridge is a popular port city on the eastern coast of Africa and the biggest port in Zimbabwe. Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and a major city in Zimbabwe that are known for being the financial hub of the country. Either shipping companies that have bases in either Beitbridge or Harare are your best option when searching for a company to ship your vehicle to any part of Africa.

Air Freight to Zimbabwe

We have a regular air freight service to Zimbabwe from Australia. We use major carriers from all states in Australia.

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