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About Afghanistan

Freight Shipping to Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a land locked country. Nearest sea port is Karachi (In Pakistan) is approx. 727 kms. It has borders with Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

Cargo Australia, one of the fastest growing international freight shipping company to Afghanistan is now in a position to offer air cargo and container shipping via Pakistan. Sending parcels to Afghanistan has never been easier. We offer freight shipping to Afghanistan from Sydney.

We offer commercial cargo / project cargo services to Kabul and have the ability to handle prefabricated buildings; Aircraft spare parts, internal combustion piston engines, electrical machinery parts, food items and more.

If you are an Australian travelling to Kabul, Afghan national, Diplomat returning home then, we do offer an cargo to Afghanistan service. Our rates are much cheaper than the major airlines and we offer fast and reliable service from Sydney and Canberra.

Contact us for all your Air cargo to Afghanistan needs from Sydney and Canberra. We offer custom made solutions to all your cargo freight.

We offer an express document courier service to Afghanistan. When sending a parcel to Afghanistan or product samples keep your shipping cost to Afghanistan low. Contact us for full details.

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