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Pallet shipping

LCL shipping

LCL shipping – Term used to describe the transportation of small ocean freight shipments and suitable for volumes below 20 cubic meters.

Cargo Australia, one of the fastest-growing freight forwarder in Australia offer weekly shared container shipping service to ship a pallet, crate, few boxes from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Adelaide to New Zealand, USA, China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and over 250 overseas destinations.

Shipping a pallet overseas? We offer affordable rates, fast and safe delivery to many destinations around the world.

If you do not have items to fill a container, then we have our LCL (Less than container load) shipping service to and from Australia. The main advantage is the low ocean freight rates and our staff will guide you with the LCL shipping procedure.

Sending a crate overseas

Do you have a large shipment ready and you are looking for the cheapest and safest way to ship the crate? To ensure that your shipment arrives safely at its destination, you should know how to properly prepare for pallet shipping.

A freight shipment is the easiest way to transport larger shipments inexpensively. In addition, shipping pallets are handled by forklifts instead of being thrown from hand to hand by delivery men. Although this reduces the risk of shipping pallets being damaged or lost, it is still there.

To ensure that your freight shipment arrives undamaged at the desired delivery location, you must take care of proper packaging before sending a pallet. That’s why we’ve put together some simple guidelines to help you prepare for pallet shipping.

Packing for LCL shipping

What do you need? Packing material and accessories shipping pallet – packages are loaded onto them (they should be firm and undamaged; they can be both new and used)Cardboard boxes – for packing various items on the shipping pallet (these should be robust; can be new or used)Foam – for the interior padding of the cardboard boxes packaging chips – for the inner padding of the boxesAdhesive tape – for closing the boxesLiner – used for lining between the packages stacked on the shipping pallet to avoid frictionStrong plastic straps – for strapping the packages you can usually find these items at any stationery, hardware store, or supermarket. How should you send the pallet? Pallet needs to be stable, undamaged, and large enough to hold all of your items. Nothing should stick out over the edges. Avoid broken or rotten shipping pallets with protruding nail heads.

Prepare packages before sending a pallet

Choosing the right boxes – new boxes are recommended for pallet shipping. If you’re reusing an old box, make sure it’s sturdy enough and free of holes, tears, or dents. Inner box padding – molded foam padding and packaging chips fill in the empty space between items and keep them from shifting within the box. Also, put enough packaging chips under the items, not just on the sides. Do not use a box that is too large for the items inside. Even if you use enough cushioning material, the stacking strength will be reduced.Seal boxes – use enough tape and seal all sides of the boxes. Apply at least three strips of tape evenly, covering all tabs and seams on the top and bottom. Use strapping for the heavier boxes.

Important information before shipping pallets

Determine the exact dimensions of the pallet before placing the order for shipping as this information is used in calculating shipping prices. Make sure that the actual weight and dimensions of the pallet are not greater than the value for which you placed the order. Inquire with the shipping service provider whether you need to print shipping labels yourself and stick them on parcels, or the person collecting them will bring them. Don’t forget to leave the notes for heavy boxes. For example, if the package is very heavy, indicate that it may not be easy for one person to lift it. Place the order at least 2 days in advance for shipping to ultimately avoid risks. Try to order the shipping services even earlier during the holiday season. That’s it. As you can see from the notes, shipping a pallet is not that complicated. If you still have doubts about preparing for pallet shipping, Cargo Australia, logistics experts are always at your disposal. Do not hesitate to reach us on one of our channels! You can also read more of our packaging tips for information about different things to ship. Now that you are well prepared for shipping pallets, you can order our services right away and have a fantastic shipping experience. For further advice and help, please contact our support team!

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