Tips to ship car parts overseas

Can you ship car parts overseas from the USA to Australia easily? Yes, there are companies that do specialize in shipping car parts to the USA, New Zealand, UK, Philippines, Pacific Islands, Middle East, and Africa.

Many people don’t even know that such companies exist. There are companies such as Cargo Australia that will ship your car components, ship carts, machinery & machinery parts right from the port all the way to the next international destination.

One of the most popular auto parts shipping service providers is Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd. they do ship from one car engine to container load shipments to any destination around the world.

Salvage cars are often sold at auctions such as eBay and other auto Auctions around Australia or online stores such as Amazon. Interest in these auctions/stores has boomed as the economy stays stagnated or because of travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

All lots purchased from Auctions must be paid for and removed by the date/time specified in the condition of the sale. If you are living overseas and wish to purchase cars or car parts then, you may need to coordinate pickup for an auto auction purchase with an experienced freight forwarder.

While Amazon Australia may not ship to many overseas customers. Then you may need to arrange a forward-shipping service prior to any purchase. Vist our website for more details.

If you use wood packaging to export car engines, motorbikes, you need to understand importing country Phytosanitary requirements

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