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Freight Shipping to USA

International shipping US-Australia

At Cargo Australia, we provide only the cheapest international shipping between the USA and Australia.  Our shipping procedure is entirely safe, and you can be sure that your goods moving across the world’s oceans will be entirely secure.

Unlike other container shipping companies, we’ve streamlined our entire supply chain so you receive all your possessions at the cheapest rate.

Our shipping experts at Cargo Australia  Logistics can help you move your family’s belongings, your household goods, your study or work material and more. We’ve been doing this for 15 years and we continue to be the best at our trade.

We offer low cost shipping services – Sea and air freight

Cheapest international shipping USA to Australia

Do you have a whole lot of stuff in the United States that needs to be moved quickly to Australia at an affordable price? We can help you move all your things promptly with freight forwarded companies in the USA.

We cover all cities in Australia – moving from Sydney, Australia to USA but also Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin and more. Australia is our centre of operations so we are completely dedicated to ensuring your goods travel here safely.

Save excess baggage charges at the airport when you sail with Cargo Australia Logistics. Your home or business belongings will be in secure hands as they sail over the Pacific Ocean in a U.S. ship to Australia – all at a very cheap price.

Cheapest international shipping Australia to USA

Are you interested in travelling to the USA temporarily or on a more permanent basis?

Our staff at Cargo Australia are experts in shipping goods to the USA – they’ve got you covered.  We are at the forefront of the industry, leading the world in affordable global shipping to North and South America.

Many shipping companies won’t transport personal effects to the USA.  They are deemed to be ‘high risk’ by U.S. authorities and require higher security measures. Many shipping companies have therefore tried to save money by not offering a personal effects international shipping service to customers.

At Cargo Australia, this is where we differ. Our affordable international freight forwarder company’s streamlined service is able to meet the very strict security freight measures imposed by American authorities like the Transport Security Administration. Therefore, we are able to send personal effects over to the USA.

Things to avoid when shipping to USA

The United States takes its security extremely seriously. There are a whole range of goods that are prohibited from shipping. Some of them include the following:

  • Agriculture – you can’t send anything that grows in gardens are on farms, nor can you can you send cultivating items like grain, corn, hay, seeds, etc.
  • Alcohol – no beer, wine or spirits can be taken via ship to the US
  • Animals – live
  • Corrosives – includes acids that can eat away at substances such as sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid and some cleaners
  • Flammable and combustible material – these include things that can be ignited and burned rapidly such as fuel, glue, lighters and paint

Items you’ll need to declare when importing to Australia

When bringing your goods home to Australia from the United States, you’ll need to declare a range of goods including:

  • Plant material
  • Animal products such as shells and feathers;
  • Seeds and nuts;
  • Gardening equipment like tools and patio equipment;
  • Products created from bees like candles; and
  • Many more.

Feel free to contact our international shipping experts at Cargo Australia. Our friendly staff are more than happy to navigate your way through the complex Australian customs rules.

Other items we handle

We also handle caravans, boats, heavy machinery

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Our other main markets

Our main markets include India, UAE, Western Samoa, Papua New Guinea, Cook Islands, New Zealand, Tonga, New Caledonia, Pacific Islands, Asia and the Middle East.

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