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Personal Effects Shipping

Personal Effects Shipping

What is personal effects shipping ?

Personal effects are articles of personal use, items owned by a person for more than six months and not by a firm, sending overseas by sea or by air. Some examples are clothing, footwear, furniture items, appliances, sporting goods such as golf clubs, cricket gear, books etc. But, motor vehicles and items that have been purchased over the internet are not considered as personal effects.

Why Cargo Australia?

When comes to International Personal Effects Shipping, Cargo Australia is one of the most renowned personal effects shipping companies in Australia. We handle regular shipments to Thailand, Netherlands, USA, NZ, India, Sri Lanka and with a global network of customers and untapped localities, offering you reliable services at extremely affordable rates for shipping items to and from Australia, choose Cargo Australia as we offer lowest rates in the market to your household goods shipping need. We handle full and partial container loads, Air freight to and from Sydney NSW and other major cities in Australia
As a personal freight shipping company in Australia, our services include furniture shipping, golf club shipping, boxes shipping, books and items related students when they are moving overseas.

Self-packed Container shipping

Keep your costs low by using our self-packed International Container Service. The process is very simple. We bring the container to the nominated address, shipper arranges the loading of the container and Cargo Australia take care of the rest. You will see a huge cost reduction by using this method.

Insurance for Personal Effects Shipping

We are in a position to handle transit insurance for all your shipments.

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