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Freight Shipping to UK

International Shipping Australia-UK

At Cargo Australia, we offer cheap shipping between the UK to Australia, including shipping between Sydney and London. Australia and the UK have a very close relationship, with tens of thousands of goods being shipped between the two countries every day. The two countries are only becoming more interconnected, especially since the first non-stop flight between Australia and the UK got underway in 2018.

Our shipping specialists can help you move your goods whether you’re moving home, your business, for studies or just wanting to get away from it all and take a break.

We’re different from other container shipping businesses, because we’ve streamlined our supply chain to ensure shipping costs are minimised and you receive your possessions at the cheapest price.

We’ve been shipping goods between the UK and Australia for 15 years and we’ll keep doing it – providing the best service for customers.

We transport:

  • Excess baggage – Air freight
  • Vehicles such as cars, caravans, motorhomes
  • Personal effects / Household goods – Sea freight & air freight
  • Commercial freight and
  • Industrial freight.

We’ll have no issues sending your freight whether its bulky, fragile or just plain old luggage.

Shipping to Australia from UK

Are you wanting to move your goods all the way from up north in Great Britannia to the Land Down Under? Whether you want to move your piano, or your entire house, your desks, car or office chairs – we’ve got you covered.

The Land Down Under Australia is our home sweet home. As such, we will make sure your goods arrive safely here all in one piece. Our cheap shipping is 100% safe shipping, and will be secure from anything in the skies.

Cheap Shipping UK from Australia

Moving to the old country up north temporarily or permanently? Want to get away from busy business city life and go explore the English country side? Or perhaps you’re going over to study or work?

Whether you’re going to London for work or Stonehenge for some sightseeing, you can ensure your goods will follow you safely with our cheap international freight services at Cargo Australia.

We’ve got extensive knowledge and experience in international shipping to the UK. We can offer you a quote to suit your needs, all at the cheapest rate possible.

Our sole goal is a simple one – to provide you with worldwide shipping knowledge by taking into account all your personal and business requirements.

Container Shipping – shipping to UK from Australia

Our ships are able to handle 20 ft and 40 ft containers from all of Australia’s major seaports. We then head over to the UK, where we’ll dock at Southampton, Felixstowe and other ports and shipping time varies from 40-60 days.

If the ships can’t fill the containers, there is no need to worry. We offer a weekly partial load container shipping service via Singapore and Hong Kong from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and major capital cities. This is so we can make your cargo transport easier and cheaper – and at the least inconvenience to you.

Cheap air freight solutions to UK

Cargo Australia offers a full range of air freight logistics services, where we fly your goods to the UK from Australia.

We’ll make anything soar through the air if it means you get your goods to your destination. We’ve even got urgent cargo couriers if you need your goods transport to the UK quick-smart. We can transport large goods – even huge projects – as well as smaller objects.

It’s essentially a door-to-door service tailored for each and every customer. We’ve got an expansive network, with freight forwarder partners everywhere in the world.

What are the advantages of cheap air freight services with Cargo Australia?

There are a range of advantages when choosing us for your air freight service:

  • Excess baggage shippinggot a lot of stuff? Like, a lot of stuff? Not to worry at all. We offer excellent excess baggage shipping services at no extra cost to you.
  • Air cargo insurance – all cargo stored in our aircraft is 100% insured. If there is any damage to your goods or if they get lost, we’ve got it covered.
  • Airway bill tracking – never lose your things when you’ve got high quality tracking, ensuring your goods are on their way to the right destination
  • Warehousing and packing services – we’ve got strong relationships with warehouses all around the world. They’ll handle your goods with extra care so you get your luggage in one piece.
  • Vehicle shipping – don’t want to part with your car and motorbike? We’ll make sure it gets to the UK or back to Australia easily.
  • Logistics management and consultancy – don’t know what is the right service for you? We can discuss the right solution with you so you know exactly how and when, and at what cost, your goods can be shipped. We’ll make sure you get the most cost-efficient solution so your goods travel safely.
  • Letter of credit services – We can ensure you properly pay for your goods with our specialised letter of credit service. Be more in control of your payment terms and conditions with Cargo Australia.
  • Hazardous cargo – We’ll make sure any dangerous cargo gets to the UK or Australia safely, although make sure you are aware what goods can and cannot be imported into the UK or Australia.
  • Consolidated cargo
  • Commercial documentation and customs clearance

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