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Motorbike Shipping Australia

Motorbike Shipping Australia

Motorcycle freight shipping Australia

Travelling by motorcycle while overseas is a cost efficient and more popular way of touring around different regions. You get to discover some of the most scenic roads and interesting places well off the normal tourist routes. If you are looking at doing this with your own instead of hiring, Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd, one of the leading bike movers in Australia has made the international freight shipping process easier for you.

Having your own vehicle is obviously more beneficial. It allows you to drive anywhere you desire at any given time. Nevertheless, motorcycle shipping can be Nerve wracking and cruising on your own bike in the beautiful foreign country will take your breath away.

Motorcycle shipping countries

We offer low cost motorcycle shipping service from Sydney Australia to USA, New Zealand (NZ), Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, UK, Italy, Russia, any other countries in Europe, Middle East or South America.

The most common method of motorcycle movers is Sea freight service. When using this method, the motorcycle is rolled onto a wooden or metal pallet and secured to the pallet using soft tie down straps. You must drain the petrol tank and disconnect the battery when using this option. We completely enclose the motorcycle in the crate including the panniers (when needed). If you would like some help with crating & shipping a motorcycle, we have the experience and most simple, strong and dependable crates for the international shipping of your motorcycle.

If the motorcycle adventurers in particular want to reduce the transit times while they travel the world. Which is why Cargo Australia’s air freight service is being so convenient when shipping motorcycles overseas.

Motorcycle checklist

“My Motorcycle” check list – much needed items includes:

(1) Shipping documentation – Bill of lading, Carnet permit, import permits, insurance documents.

(2) Items to carry such as Blutooth head sets, ear plugs, a physical map, tool kit, battery pack, essential tools and spares (gloves spare tube, spark plugs, break & accelerator cables, engine oil, etc) pocket translator, right clothes, and phone etc.

Carnet permit: ATA carnets (A Carnet (pronounced car-nay) also known as a Carnet de Passages en Douane) can help you over come the difficulties of travelling overseas. This is a simple document that acts as you’re a passport for your motorcycle. It’s comprised of a book of vouchers & a temporarily allows tourists import motorbikes for a limited period of time with minimum formalities and without the need to pay any customs duty.

Motorcycle shipping costs

Cost involved when shipping a motorbike (origin charges)

  • Pickup charges
  • Packing and crating
  • Freight charges – Terminal handling, fuel levy, freight (Sea / Air) etc
  • Documentation
  • Customs lodgement
  • Fumigation (When needed)

We also handle customs clearance for all inbound motorbikes. Contact us for more details.

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