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Freight Shipping To Netherlands

Netherlands (Nederland is a European country) also known as Holland with a land of 41,000 km2 and has a population of approx. 17 million. Amsterdam the capital city. The Netherlands is bordered by Germany and Belgium

Time in the Netherlands: GMT +2

Time in Sydney: GMT +10

International Shipping To Netherlands

When shipping to Netherlands from Australia, Cargo Australia  is your leading international shipping companies to Netherlands. Therefore, we handle:

(1)    Sea and Air Freight shipping to and from Netherlands

(2)    Cost effective shipping service for  Personal effects and commercial cargo

(3)    Door Delivery anywhere in the Netherlands

(4)    Customs clearance from all major sea and airports in the Netherlands and in Australia

(5)    Cross trading

Sea freight Australia Netherlands

Reducing costs is often the number one priority for a business’s bottom line. We assist both large and small businesses large and small Australian and Netherlands businesses to improve their supply chain process and in turn, save business money. As one of the leading container shipping companies to the Netherlands, we offer weekly FCL (Full container shipping) services to Amsterdam and Rotterdam from all major capital cities in Australia.

Depending on the types of products to be shipped or the special services needed from them, container units may vary to meet requirements of all kinds of cargo shipping to the Netherlands.

When shipping a container to the Netherlands, We offer a wide variety of container types:

(1)    Dry storage containers ( 20’ & 40’)- General and food grade

(2)    Flat rack containers

(3)    Open top containers

(4)    Containers to handle Reefer cargo

A standard 20’ (foot) container will accommodate up to 10 standard pallets/ loadable volume of 33m3. While a 40’ (foot) container can carry 22 standard pallets / loadable volume of 63m3.


20’ Container: 24,000kgs (approx.)

40’ Container: 30,000kgs

Contact us for all your FCL shipping to the Netherlands or anywhere in Europe.

Less than container load (LCL) is an ocean freight transportation option that individuals/ businesses may choose when they do not have enough goods to fill a container. LCL shipping is when your goods are packed into a shared container with other people’s goods. LCL prices are calculated by the volume of space you need inside the container.

When you choose Cargo Australia freight shipping Services, you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the benefits, low prices, and a weekly ocean freight service from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth to Rotterdam & Amsterdam or anywhere in Europe.

We facilitate the shipping process from start to finish and take all the steps available to make sure everything goes smoothly and your goods arrive on time. With LCL freight, we strive to ensure that all goods sharing the container are in compliance so that there are no delays at customs. Cargo Australia is one of the leading freight forwarding companies for LCL shipping. Regularly, we ship to and from Netherlands items related to Mining related products, medical instruments, food-related products, machinery parts, furniture and medicaments and general pallet shipping, crates just to name some cargo that we ship to the Netherlands.

Car shipping to and from Holland

Whether you’re moving your vehicle to or from the Kingdom of Netherlands / Holland, Our company makes it easy to find safe and reliable shipping options for your vehicle. We will help clarify how to ship a car, help you get the best rates from safe carriers, and give you some pointers on the process. We offer enclosed shipping service for an exotic car, antique car, vintage race cars or any other Automobiles to the Netherlands or from anywhere in the world. Closed transport provides the most protection for your vehicle during transit.

We also offer global access to RORO vessels and services designed to carry wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, semi-trailers, trailers, caravans, and Motorhomes that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels and we offer very competitive shipping rates.

How much will it cost to ship my vehicle?  This will depend on the volume (m3) and the weight (kgs) of the vehicle. Contact us for more details.

We have fortnightly RORO vessels from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth to Rotterdam and we are one of the leading international RORO freight companies to the Netherlands.

If require Break-bulk, project, oversized cargo to and from the Netherlands or anywhere in Europe. Contact our sales staff for more details.

Reefer cargo and Dangerous goods

Cargo Australia is one of the leading shipping and freight forwarding companies to the Netherlands and Europe and we provide Exporters and Importers with the full range of shipping and forwarding services including Reefer cargo Services.

Our Perishable cargo services include:

  • Expert handling of frozen products, fresh vegetables & highly sensitive fruits and firm bookings with major sea and air carriers at all times.
  • Customs brokers and supervisors at all Thai sea and airports.
  • Handling documentation
  • Door to Door Sea / Land reefer cargo services to the Netherlands

Moving services to the Netherlands

If you are moving to the Netherlands from Australia, New Zealand or the USA or any other country then, take advantage of choosing self-pack moving container services for all your personal effects, household goods.

(1)    We bring you your 20’ or 40’ foot shipping container for you to load

(2)    You pack items in your container and we truck it to the port, do the documentation, customs entry and finally load it onto a ship

(3)    We ship the container overseas, clear it through customs and quarantine and deliver it to you to unload.

The cheapest shipping method to the Netherlands or any other country in Europe from Australia. If you do not have items to fill a container then, we have a luggage shipping Australia service for half a container load.

Motorbike shipping the Netherlands

If you are traveling across the Netherlands or Europe and wish to take your motorbike or did you purchase a motorcycle online? Cargo Australia is one the leading freight forwarders that provide cheap and safe motorbike/cycle shipping, crating service in Australia. We have a regular and safe motorcycle shipping service between Italy, USA, Germany, New Zealand & Australia.

We arrange to pick up anywhere and arrange strapping, crating and delivery to the Netherlands by sea or by air freight.

Airfreight to the Netherlands

Ocean freight accounts for most of our shipments. But, if you have time constraints and you need your goods yesterday then, Air freight shipping method is the way to go. Air freight is fast, reliable, and flexible. Major carriers such as Qantas Airways, Etihad Airways offer regular flights out of Australia to Amsterdam. Therefore, we send your items to the Netherlands within 4-5 days.

There are two main things to consider when pricing for an air freight inquiry. The dimensions, weight and actual delivery location. Cargo Australia offers low-cost air freight for personal baggage and commercial cargo to the Netherlands.

We work with many small to large business’s moving electronics, Pharmaceuticals, clothing, machinery parts and well as individuals to ship their excess baggage.

Why send air freight with us:

(1)    When speed is paramount, we send your cargo to the Netherlands on time and flight with fast connections.

(2)    Departure and Arrival consistency, online tracking

(3)    Flexibility

(4)    Low Insurance Premiums

(5)    Higher standards of security

Cross trading

When cargo is moved between an origin and destination without it entering the country where the shipper is registered it is commonly referred to as cross trades. We handle cargo from USA, UKSingapore, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, Germany, India, Italy, Turkey, New Zealand to the Netherlands.

Shipping to Australia

Australia is the 5th largest economy in the Asia Pacific and the 13th largest economy in the world. If you are shipping from Europe to Australia personal effects to Australia or shipping goods to Australia, Cargo Australia is here to help you understand the culture, shipping and quarantine requirements, regulations and key commercial opportunities to grow your business.

Therefore, contact us for all your customs clearance inquiries as handle clearance from all major sea and airports.

Marine transit insurance

Transit insurance is the lifeblood of international trade. We offer marine transit insurance policy provides coverage for physical loss or damage to goods shipped by water or air.

Storage in Sydney

Whether you need to store a pallet for a week or a container per month we have the ability to assist you.  We don’t only sell storage; we deliver a peace of mind. Therefore, contact us for more details.


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