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Container shipping

International container shipping

Container shipping services are important to global trade. Whether you are purchasing goods from China, New Zealand, UAE, USA  or shipping Frozen meat from Australia to Tonga, having an economical way to ship those goods is necessary.

Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd is one of the fastest growing international shipping companies in Australia. We handle general cargo, temperature control cargo and Liquid build (Tank) cargo.

Container shipping uses standard sized containers of 20 foot (6.09 meters), 40 foot (12.18 meters), 45 foot (14.6 meters), and 53 foot (16.15 meters). Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit (TEU) is the standard measure.

General cargo

From personal effects (Household goods shipping) exporting vehicles from Australia to other commercial cargo. We handle all types of cargo to and from Australia and cover all major seaports. Also, we arrange land transportation (Truck and rail) to any landlocked countries for any FCL shipment.

We also offer open top containers is ideal for logs, machinery, and odd-sized items. Flat racks are ideal for boats, vehicles, machinery, industrial equipment. The open side is ideal for vegetables such as onions and potatoes. Tanks are used for chemicals, wine, vegetable oil.

Reefer Cargo

The transport of chilled or frozen cargoes in refrigerated containers, or reefer units, is a steadily growing business. These containers provide regulated temperature and humidity and, in many cases, a controlled atmosphere as well. They provide the optimum conditions for the carriage of meat, fish, fruit, dairy produce, flowers, and other perishable cargoes.

We offer all types of reefer containers including super freezers.

How much does it cost to ship a container overseas

It all depends on what you ship and how big the cargo volume. When selecting a container shipping service, keep in mind what you are shipping. Pricing is always going to be a key component in choosing a container shipping service. In addition to cost, it is important to choose a service that has a reputation for shipping successfully the type of product you are shipping.

Cargo Australia Pty.Ltd is your perfect partner for container shipping or LCL shipping.

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